We all know that families have their own individual characteristics so that resolving family issues will require a sensitive and understanding approach. Our specialist solicitors, Justin and Ros are both members of Resolution which is a national network of family solicitors committed to finding amicable and sensible solutions to all forms of family disputes.

We also understand and appreciate the high emotions that can often exist in dealing with any breakdown of a relationship (i.e. married, unmarried or same sex relationships). This can involve not just divorce proceedings but also and often more importantly associated financial issues and perhaps the most sensitive of all children matters. We are committed to enabling you and your family as a whole to find solutions which are relevant to you and your individual circumstances. If you consider it appropriate then we can advise upon a relatively new approach to family resolution called “collaborative law”, both Justin and Ros are fully qualified and experienced collaborative lawyers. [Please click here to view Justin’s article about Collaborative Law.]

Our focus is to find arrangements which will work for your family. This means finding fair and effective financial settlements together with practical arrangements for children so that any distress to them is minimal.

If agreements cannot be reached amicably then we recognise that it may be appropriate for Court action to be instituted. In these circumstances, we will both advise you and represent you throughout the Court process and provide you with support throughout what can be a very difficult stage of your life.