We all know that families have their own individual characteristics so that resolving family issues will require a sensitive and understanding approach. Our specialist solicitors, Justin and Ros are both members of Resolution which is a national network of family solicitors committed to finding amicable and sensible solutions to all forms of family disputes.

We also understand and appreciate the high emotions that can often exist in dealing with any breakdown of a relationship (i.e. married, unmarried or same sex relationships). This can involve not just divorce proceedings but also and often more importantly associated financial issues and perhaps the most sensitive of all children matters. We are committed to enabling you and your family as a whole to find solutions which are relevant to you and your individual circumstances. If you consider it appropriate then we can advise upon a relatively new approach to family resolution called “collaborative law”, Justin and Ros are fully qualified and experienced collaborative lawyers. [Please click here to view Justin’s article about Collaborative Law.]

Our focus is to find arrangements which will work for your family. This means finding fair and effective financial settlements together with practical arrangements for children so that any distress to them is minimal.

If agreements cannot be reached amicably then we recognise that it may be appropriate for Court action to be instituted. In these circumstances, we will both advise you and represent you throughout the Court process and provide you with support throughout what can be a very difficult stage of your life.

Wills, Trusts and Probate

We believe that everyone should make a Will to provide certainty and perhaps more importantly peace of mind that arrangements have been made for one’s demise.

Wills can take various forms and can either be very simple or more complex depending on your circumstances. Our specialist solicitors, Naomi Pendrigh and Justin Makin can advise you upon the various alternatives available to you and then tailor your Will to meet your own requirements. Furthermore we suggest that Wills are reviewed on a regular basis to take account of any change of circumstance and again can offer guidance.

In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for a Trust to be set up either to provide for one’s children, grandchildren or other family members. Naomi Pendrigh and Justin Makin are specialist solicitors in this area and are also able to advise upon reducing potential inheritance tax that can arise on death.

Once a person dies it is necessary for an estate to be administered and the relevant “Grant” obtained. We acknowledge that this can be a difficult time for those dealing with the Deceased’s affairs. We offer sensitive and constructive advice to enable the various arrangements and requirements to be put in place. Naomi and Justin will be able advise you both on the procedure and any tax issues that may arise.

The other concern which people often have relate to the effect that illness can have upon their ability to manage their own affairs and medical treatment should they have to undergo serious surgery. We can advise upon Powers of Attorney and also the making of Living Wills which deal with these matters.


Buying or selling a property whether it is your own home or a business premises can often be a very stressful experience. Our property team headed by Naomi Pendrigh is here to help make these transactions run as smoothly as possible and to take the stress away from you. After all, buying a new home or business premises is an exciting stage of one’s life and at Pendrigh Makin we will work with you to fulfil your ambitions. We will advise you not only on the legal process but also any associated issues relating to the property itself and any other third parties.

Naomi Pendrigh is the head of our property team who will meet all your needs and provide legal advice and support throughout the buying and selling process.


The relationship between employers and employees is a fundamental one. Indeed most of us spend a significant amount of time at work making it essential for working relationships to be managed carefully and sensitively.

Justin and Ros are experienced in Employment matters advising both employers and employees in managing working relationships and any general issues that may arise. Neither Justin nor Ros get involved once proceedings are issued in the Employment but we will give you details of professionals who will be able to assist you.